End The Slaughter Of Our Precious Wolves

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The hunting of Gray Wolves cannot be allowed to continue or else the species will once again be highly endangered and at risk for extinction. Ranchers should not kill wolves. Wolves are not a threat to humans and rarely harm livestock. Wolves have been demonized for centuries and ranchers exploit the opportunity to shoot and/or trap wolves (an act of animal cruelty) using the excuse that livestock need to be protected. The impact of wolves on livestock is, in reality, minimal. There are effective, humane ways to deter wolves from one’s property. Recreational wolf hunting must be banned. As large, intelligent, social, top-level mammalian predators, wolves play a vital role in maintaining healthy ecosystems. Protect U.S. wolves and their habitats under federal law.

Wolves are being trapped and hunted across the United States, including protected public lands such as Yellowstone National Park.  It is illegal to hunt any animal on National Park lands, yet wolf-killing hunters have invaded even our most precious wildlife sanctuaries.  An animal that has been killed by a hunter is legally the property of the land owner.  Killing wolves on protected lands is not only lawless, cruel poaching, it is theft, as the wolves belong to all Americans.  The State of Idaho intends to hold wolf-killing competitions for hunters during winter when wolves are most vulnerable.  The State of Idaho’s wolf-hunting policies actually encourage the total elimination of the species for the sole purpose of allowing state residents to kill more native species.  During the past three years, the State of Idaho has almost completely exterminated its native wolf population, going as far as using millions of taxpayer dollars to hire professional hunters to wipe out wolves.  Wolves are being shot by hunters in helicopters and tortured with trapping devices.  The State of Montana allows residents to kill any wolf seen for any reason.  The State of Wyoming is issuing more and more wolf hunting permits even though the species is very much in danger.  The first wolf to appear in Iowa for 89 years- a signal of hope for the species- was immediately killed.  In some states, pups have been killed by poisonous gas released into their dens by hunters.  Wolves are being massacred across the United States with no regard to environmental, biological, or sociological impacts.  This must be put to an end.

Wolves have been exterminated in areas around the globe with grievous consequences.  In the past decade, the United States was actually seeing a recovery of its native wolf population; this was a great victory for the nation.  Unfortunately, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service exercised poor judgment in removing federal protections of wolves.  The resulting and ongoing wolf-killing spree in the U.S. has once again endangered this beautiful and necessary species.  Now is our second chance- an extremely rare opportunity to manage an endangered species responsibly to prevent its extinction.  We must act quickly and demand the protection of wolves in the United States before it is too late.


Lunar Eclipse

The night sky was totally blocked by clouds and snow.  Suddenly, the moon appeared extremely bright and white.  There had been no moon visible but when the moon appeared briefly it was bright enough to cast shadows on the ground.  The Earth’s shadow moved quickly over the moon, causing the moon to disappear and reappear.  The bright moon was once again hidden by clouds after the eclipse.

This is the meaning of courage.

Ireland’s president Michael D Higgins meets Queen at Windsor Castle


We should all act so honorably.  This is victory for those waging peace.  Humans, take note of such admirable behavior.  We are shown the triumph of diplomacy.

“We have nothing to fear but fear itself,” Franklin D. Roosevelt.